Many people that have hot water heaters in their homes ask this question. And it is a very valid one. These units are quite robust, and they can last for many years. Water heaters of reliable and well-known brands can last for up to 10 years. Some can last even more depending on how well you have maintained them. With this in view, it is a good idea to get your hot water heater service at regular intervals.

While the manufacturers of these systems will have some specifications in terms of when the servicing needs to be done, its best to service your hot water heater at least once every six months. When you get bi-annual maintenance done, it helps maintain the device in good condition. The plumbers can spot problems early and fix them before they get out of hand. Also, the regular service helps to keep all the components in good condition and improves the energy efficiency of the system.

This is an essential aspect because a system that is well maintained will reduce your electricity bills. However, if your system sees a lot of use, it is better to get the service every three months.  This is the schedule you should stick to for commercial hot water systems as well because these units see much wear and tear over time.  Also, if you notice any problem in the unit, you should get it repaired without delay.

2. Why does my toilet keep running, and what can I do about it?

Running toilets can be very challenging to deal with. The constant flow of water is not only an annoyance but also results in wastage which is something you should address without delay. Many residential and commercial property owners find that they deal with this problem quite frequently. This is because the toilet has several moving parts that can wear out quite quickly. For example, valves may get worn out, or the chain might get stuck under the valve resulting in toilet leakages.

If you have any leakages in the toilets in your property, call us without delay. Our team of experts will be at your location within the shortest possible time. They are quick with diagnosing the problems, pinpoint the issue accurately and fix it before it gets out of hand.  Toilet leakages may seem very straightforward to deal with; however, it is never a good idea to handle this yourself.

You should always hire the services of a skilled and experienced plumbing professional to get your toilet repairs done. Never delay in fixing these problems as they can quickly get out of hand and result in flooding as well.  If the toilet is old, and most of the parts are worn out completely, our team may also recommend that you get it entirely replaced instead of trying to repair it. Sometimes the costs of the latter can be more than a replacement.

Many property owners use chemical drain cleaners to clear their drains regularly. When you start looking, you will find that there is a wide range of chemical drain cleaners of the market to choose from. Many of them advertise that they can clear the drains very effectively. And the fact is that many of them can. However, what most people don’t realise is that regular usage of these products can result in corrosion inside the pipes.

This is because the chemicals used in the manufacture of these products are potent and can damage your pipelines if you use them frequently. While it may seem that your drain blockage is getting cleared or that you are not dealing with any regular blockages, you might not be able to see the damage to the pipe at all which can result in significant problems down the track. This is why it is far better to hire the services of a skilled plumber for scheduled inspection and maintenance of the drainage system.

In most instances, this is part of the overall preventive plumbing maintenance of the property. Our team of experts will use CCTV drain cameras and other advanced equipment to determine whether there are any blockages, and will clear them without delay. This is a far better way of clearing blockages in drains. The techniques and products that we use will not cause any damage to the pipes, yet you will have clog-free drains.

There are times when you may notice brown or rust-coloured water flowing out of your taps and showers. This is an issue you should never delay looking into. If you neglect to get the problem fixed, it can escalate and turn into a more significant issue which can become very challenging to fix.  In most instances, groundwater is caused by the accumulation of rust in your hot water unit or the pipes leading to the taps or showers. In some cases, the build-up of sedimentation also results in a similar problem.

If you find brown-coloured or rusty water coming from the taps in your home, call us. We will visit your property and do a thorough inspection of all the plumbing pipes to determine what is causing the issue. Sometimes, if there is rust within the hot water tank, it may accumulate near the base of the unit and block the outlet. Ultimately the water that comes through the pipe will also be brown or rust coloured.

When we are checking your system, we make sure that every component is inspected thoroughly to determine what is working correctly or what has deteriorated. We are very objective with our approach and never recommend unrequired repairs. If we find that the rusting inside the hot water tank is very severe, we will inform you about it. This will help you decide whether you want to change the entire hot water unit before the problem gets out of hand.

Sometimes, when you step into the shower, you may find that it is taking very long for the hot water to come through. If you are facing this particular problem very frequently, it can be incredibly frustrating while taking a shower. There are various causes for this specific issue. At times it is because your hot water system could be in a location that is very far away from the particular bathroom in which you are taking a shower.

At other times it could be because the diameter of the pipe is too narrow, which is why it takes much longer for sufficient hot water to reach your shower. If you have an old hot water system that could be another problem because an older unit would not be as efficient as a newer one. The only way to determine what is causing these issues as to call in a licensed plumber; they will inspect the entire system.

They will do a thorough check and assess the hot water unit as well as the pipes that lead to your bathroom and shower areas. If they find that there is any kind of problem in any of these components for installation, they will inform you about it without delay. Our team of experts is highly skilled, and they can handle all types of plumbing issues, including this one. We are qualified and highly experienced, which means we can fix all plumbing issues quickly and efficiently for you.

If you have significant water leakage on your property, you need to address the problem immediately. This is a common issue that many property owners face and it crops up because they neglect minor leakages whenever they surface. There are times when property owners feel that they would be able to tackle these issues themselves.  However, this is not something we recommend. Licensed and experienced professionals should always handle plumbing issues because plumbing systems are interconnected.

When you try to fix something, it can result in damage to an adjacent installation or feature resulting and more complex problems down the track.  Many of the pipelines are also hidden behind walls or fittings or even under the flooring. Detecting the leaks and then fixing them can become quite a task for a property owner. However, when you hire our services, you can be sure that we will tackle the problem to industry standards.

Our team of experts will use leak detection equipment and do a thorough check on all the installations and fittings. This helps them pinpoint the exact area where the problem is. Once we have determined the origin of the leak, we will then handle the repair work accordingly. We use the best materials in our work, and that means you get reliable fixes and would not have to deal with frequent plumbing issues now and then. If any replacements are required, we will inform you about it and provide suitable fixes.

This is a common question that we get from many of our clients. Plumbing systems that are built using suitable quality materials and the latest techniques will generally last for many years, and you do not have to worry about them breaking down very often. However, wear and tear, regular use and deterioration can take their toll on the system, causing problems that you might not even notice.

This is because many of the systems are hidden behind walls etc., it means that when you are out on an extended holiday, and a problem arises in the plumbing system, it might create a huge issue and damage various installations and features on your property. Since there would be no one at home, the problem and the damage would go unnoticed and could aggravate by the time you return. The best way to prevent this issue from happening is to turn the water supply off before you leave on an extended vacation.

Since there would be no water flowing through the system, there would be no risk of sudden flooding etc. when you are not around. If you feel that you do not want to turn off the water for some reason, you can always call us to get the entire system on your property inspected. If we notice any potential problems, we will inform you about them without delay and also fix them efficiently. After that, you can go out on your vacation peacefully without worrying about the plumbing for water supply on your property.

If you have suddenly received a very high water bill and are shocked by looking at the amount, you are not alone. There are times when many property owners find themselves saddled with very high water bills without there being any change in the usage patterns on the property. These types of issues need immediate investigation as any kind of leakages can get out of hand without you realising. When you hire the services of an expert and experienced plumber like us, you can rest assured that we will inspect and assess the entire plumbing system in a detailed manner.

We use the latest leak detection equipment in our work. We can pinpoint where the issues are and fix them before they get out of hand. In most instances, high water bills are caused due to leakages that have gone unnoticed. In some cases, it is due to too many leaking taps for toilets that have not been fixed. Since various things can cause high water bills, we recommend that you get your plumbing system maintained regularly.

Not only does this help to pinpoint issues before they surface, but we can also fix existing problems before they escalate. Timely intervention is always better than being reactive, and plumbing systems will also work better when they are maintained with regularity. It is a good idea to contact us before the problem gets out of hand so that we can provide timely and reliable fixes.

Sometimes people find that the water pressure is very low when they go in for a shower, and someone else in their house turns on a tap in the same area.  This low water pressure problem may occur because the water pipe is very narrow, and it cannot provide water to all the outlets with the same pressure. So when someone in your house turns on the tap, and you go to take a shower at the same time you will find that there is less water pressure in the shower.

In some settings, the location of the water heater is very far away from a particular bathroom or area, resulting in low water pressure.  Even if there is any kind of rust or sedimentation build-up inside the pipelines or showerhead, it can cause this problem. Only a thorough inspection and assessment would help in determining what is causing the problem. Our team of experts is here to tackle this job.

Not only will they inspect the entire plumbing system but also the hot water unit of the showerhead and the taps. Many different aspects can result in this problem which is why you need the services of a skilled and experienced plumbing professional like us. We handle these jobs to industry standards so that your plumbing system and all the fixtures and fittings are in good condition at all times

When you are getting a small plumbing issue fixed or installing a plumbing appliance or features, you would want to know what the cost of the project would be.  Every property owner wants to have a clear idea of how much they would be paying for a particular installation repair or maintenance service. However, there is no standard rate that can be quoted when it comes to handling specific plumbing issues.

This is because numerous variables come into the picture. For example, the location you are in, the experience and reputation of the plumber, and quality of services that they provide. Also, some companies offer guarantees for their services, and they may charge slightly higher rates for the same job options. There are so many different aspects to take into consideration when we are looking at plumber costs.

It is a better idea to get a quote from multiple operators. It will help you get a better idea about how much a particular service costs and you can then compare the rates as well as other factors such as the quality of the service, the standing of the company etc. before making your final decision. You should also check whether the company charges per job or hour as this can also result in a wide variation of plumbing costs. Sometimes, more severe plumbing problems can take a longer time to fix.  So if a company charges by the hour, it will mean that you end up paying a significant amount of money for the work.